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Group Show: 'Blitz' at Jano Lapin Gallery

Vernissage: Wednesday, April 19 5:30pm-8pm


Jano Lapin Gallery is proud to present "Blitz", a group show opening March 31st, 2023 highlighting the gallery’s represented artists: Marilyne Bissonnette, Catherine Bolduc, Cinthya Chalifoux, Yannick De Serre, Stephanie Morissette, Heidi Taillefer and Sylvia Trotter Ewens.


This exhibit showcase the variety of practices and talents of Quebec-based visual artists, highlighting the gallery’s stand on art: Empowering artists and facilitating access to visual arts.

Marilyne Bissonnette’s installation is a decomposed representation of her signature work. The viewer is invited to explore the impact the work has on the space it inhabits in a playful yet powerful manner. Catherine Bolduc’s series “Les hauts et les bas” demonstrates the artist’s ability and experience by gracefully combining a variety of mediums. Using textile impressions as a starting base, she builds on with layers of acrylic, aquarelle and nail polish to create a unique art piece.

For the first time, we are presenting a more telling piece of Cinthya Chalifoux’s past as a tailor and bespoke artist as she presents a conceptual piece resembling a dress shirt made of handmade paper mounted on textile. Yannick De Serre’s sentimental and sometimes provocative process is exposed in two of his newer works which incorporate his technical ability as a register nurse to perform medical stitches

Stephanie Morissette’s black and gold aesthetic presents her decisive approach to creating simple yet strong compelling artworks.. Heidi Taillefer’s symbolist approach to composition combined with her technical ability in creating vivid, realistic and fantastic portraits do not disappoint with her newest work “Resurrection”.

Finally, Sylvia Trotter Ewens’ paintings bring the viewer to recognizable places by including pictures of Montreal’s neighbourhoods collaged together to create a singular place.

The exhibition will be presented physically at the Jano Lapin Gallery (located at 3819 Wellington Street #200, Verdun, H4G 1V1) and accessible online via the gallery's website - For all requests or to make an appointment, please contact




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