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**In progress MFA thesis project

Taming Grief: The Banana Trees Stand Vigil in Your Resting Place 

This year, I will be presenting my thesis exhibition featuring painting and video collages based on a series of writings I am currently working on. The texts written use the garden as an allegory describing my memories of caregiving, processing grief and rebuilding my inner space after my loss. The show will consist of paintings planned from a collection of images I've taken from my birth country, Honduras, as well as Montreal’s botanical gardens and parts of Laval. They will be pulling from my writings as I visually portray my mental space as a garden in transition due to loss. It will be in a condition of disrepair, dulled or frosted, towards a state of liminality, followed by one that is gradually regaining liveliness, saturation and flourishing. The garden in this psychological space acts as a place where my mother and I meet, revisiting memory and rebuilding/repurposing what was lost. Creating this work draws from what Kathleen Higgin’s terms as ‘localizing grief’ through methods of art making. The continuing bonds model is a means of not laying to rest the past, but continuing to engage with it in new ways—to not forget the individual once there, but to respond. 

2024 (more to come)

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