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The Banana Trees Stand Vigil in Your Resting Place

The series I am currently working on is drawing from the texts I wrote that oscillated between direct descriptions of my experience of caregiving and grief and symbolic associations to a garden that my mother and I build in my mental space. The garden in my texts act as a place where my mother and I meet, a symbolic reference to the past or imagined future and the emotions that these memories bring as I delve into this experience. The paintings are a visualization of those texts as I continue to grapple with loss, while paying homage to her and our time together. The portrayal of loss will be working with a dulled versus vibrant palette as she and I bring back the garden to full light and colour. Her touch in reviving this mental sanctuary will be expressed in her own mark-making that I will mimic from her colouring books she was fascinated by before she passed.

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